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(personal work)

Sep 2022

I decided to create a mini-series based on this historical event to re-discover the documentary meaning of photography by recording our experiences as individuals who are part of society.  These photos were taken over 2 days within the 10 days of national mourning for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral when the streets of London were invaded by hundreds of thousands. ​With this series, I try to give the viewer an insight into the unseen moments past the crowds and the chaos of the hectic days in London. Spare candid moments that show grief, almost silent instants where the sense of loss and respect towards an institution are worth more than every word. The images in this series focus on scenes we can all relate to, perhaps united by a sense of emotional understanding that connects the viewer with the subjects, making us appreciate the shared sorrow. The aim was to isolate from the masses those small moments, gestures, objects, and wordless communications that play an important role in conveying an emotion.

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