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(personal work)


Nightlife has changed quite a bit since "lockdown" and "pandemic" became the most influential words of 2020. Life, especially at night, whether inside or outside, is not the same as before. This series is a small journey through my lockdown 2.0 experience where I try to show how people's behaviours have changed as a result and how the absence or extreme difficulty of interaction could be reflected in the streets at night.

The people who populate the streets suddenly seem to have an air of mystery, even of distrust, which made me wonder what the reason for their nocturnal journey is when everything around them seems to be closed. Funny enough, on those evenings out shooting, I realized that I could recognize myself in who I was photographing and somehow felt much more observed. In a certain way, I was trying to get something from these strangers but maybe that distrust I saw in them, they saw in me.

Through my series, I hope you get the idea of how streets have become simple transit spaces where most encounters are with people wandering alone, nearly lifeless spaces but at the same time full of stories you want to know more about. While, on the other hand, nightlife from an inside perspective can be seen as a desire for the outside amplified by boredom and frustration.

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