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The idea behind the project is to invite the observers to immerse themselves in the soul of these Japanese cities, exploring complexities that may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Japan.

Tokyo, one of Japan's largest cities, often portrays itself as an essence of efficiency and productivity. However, behind this image lies a reality marked by many contradictions, such as social expectations, long working hours, and a sense of isolation. There’s a thin surface that separates the delusive perfection of this city from what lies behind it. This project investigates through candid photographs what can be glimpsed almost transparently behind this surface.

In sociology, a MELTDOWN can refer to a breakdown or collapse of social structures, norms, or systems. A collapse often resulting in chaos, dysfunction, or crisis within a society or community. It’s interesting how this term can refer not only to a physical condition but also to a state of emotional and psychological distress experienced by individuals caused by overwhelming stress or pressure from society’s high expectations. So, I thought MELTDOWN was the perfect word to describe what I photographed.



    Bind: Sewn Cased bound book paper over 2000 micron boards
    Size: 270 x 215mm
    Pages: 84 printed on Silk FSC 170gsm
    Images: 50 black and white images
    Cover paper: Silk FSC 150gsm with soft touch laminate
    End papers: Wibalin Natural Black 
    Delivery: Each book will be wrapped individually and packaged in an extra strong cardboard book wrap for transportation
    Photography: All photographs © Gianluca Mortarotti (2023)
    Design: Gianluca Mortarotti (2023)

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