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Finalist among the winning images selected for the LIFE FRAMER photo awards.

"The west coast of Portugal is where you can travel to the westernmost point of the European continent. I wanted to express how today such a reputation does not mean much because no matter how far you decide to travel, the human presence will be more and more present. I decided to frame the scene by juxtaposing an old church literally built on the cliffs of the coast against a huge power plant and a parking lot for RVs and vacationers in the distance".

World Travelers

  • Printed on Fujifilm Crystal C-type Archival Photo Paper. 

    Fuji Matt archive paper with a semi-matt finish, coated with a slightly stippled texture giving a detailed, 3-dimensional photographic reproduction.

    Please allow up to 10-15 business days for the print to ship from the date the order is placed.

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