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Library Maassluis Den Hoorn, NL

In “Three Lands Journey” Gianluca Mortarotti wants to pay tribute to the countries that had a major role in his life and that have enriched him the most as a person. 

Three different clusters show Gianluca’s point of view with the intent to make the observer part of his journey focusing primarily on the photos’ composition and layering. 

Trying to depict the identity of the places he shows, Gianluca alternates clichéd compositions and unexpected points of view revealing that places we might be used to, have sometimes another face that not everyone has seen yet. 

His photographs are an enhancement of the subjects he shoots where contrasts often play a fundamental role in the frame. 

Architectures, perspectives, urban scenes, and street photography are a vivid part of his work that seeks to create a connection between people and the cities they live in.

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