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Finalist. Winning images selected by Magnum Photos photographer Jonas Bendiksen

Jul 2021

There’s a world out there to explore. Open your eyes to its landscapes, people, cultures – on your doorstep or 10,000 km away. Expand our horizons with view from the four corners of the globe.

With flights grounded and borders closed over the last 18 months, many travel plans have had to go on pause. But with absence comes hunger, and the yearning to travel only became stronger in many of us. With this competition, Life Framer invited to share adventures and explorations, new places, people and cultures.

“A witty juxtaposition of religion and industry – what we used to worship, and what we worship now you could say if you were being sardonic – with the smoke stacks of the power plant mirroring the pillars and cross of the church. Gianluca seeks to subvert the idea of true exploration, that you can find wholly unique experiences even if you travel to the ends of the earth, and it’s a wry and successful result.” – LIFE FRAMER


My statement – “The west coast of Portugal is where you can travel to the westernmost point of the European continent. I wanted to express how today such a reputation does not mean much because no matter how far you decide to travel, the human presence will be more and more present. I decided to frame the scene by juxtaposing an old church literally built on the cliffs of the coast against a huge power plant and a parking lot for RVs and vacationers in the distance.”

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